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Learn how Kraken Compliance helps defense startups and companies:

Save Time & Reduce Cost
Meet Defense Regulations
Simplify Govt. Compliance
Achieve & Maintain Compliance
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Choose the Fastest Path to Compliance

You don’t have to be a defense regulations or compliance expert to achieve your compliance goals.

Kraken Compliance’s defense solution provides you with a dedicated defense IT compliance expert to guide and assist you throughout your compliance journey.

Supported Defense Frameworks & Regulations

Kraken Compliance’s Universal Control Framework Offering provides defense startups and companies with a one-stop shop for achieving compliance with frameworks, standards, and regulations in the defense industry, enabling you to spend less time and money on compliance, and more on achieving your business goals.


CMMC is a maturity model for implementing and certifying cybersecurity practices across the defense industrial base (DIB).


FedRAMP is a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program designed to standardize security for cloud service offerings.

NIST 800-171

NIST SP 800-171 provides security requirements for protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

FAR 52.204-21

FAR 52.204-21 provides federal contractors with basic security safeguards for protecting Federal Contract Information (FCI).

NIST 800-172

NIST SP 800-172 provides enhanced security requirements for protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).


DFARS is the U.S. Department of Defense's Acquisition Regulations that all contractors it does business with must adhere to.

Save Time & Money

Empower your organization to free up your team’s time and reduce IT compliance costs by leveraging Kraken Compliance’s all-in-one solution.

Our defense industry solution provides you with industry-leading federal IT compliance experts to assist you with implementing and maintaining your defense IT compliance requirements.

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Defense Compliance Simplified

Save your company time from having to become a defense compliance expert by leveraging Kraken Compliances’ expert-guided defense solution.

Our expert-guided solution simplifies defense compliance, by providing you with a dedicated defense compliance sherpa, who is a seasoned expert in navigating companies through their compliance journey.

Supported Defense Regulations

With Kraken Compliance’s defense solution, you won’t have to be a defense regulations expert in order to do business with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Have confidence that you’re meeting your defense regulations by leveraging Kraken Compliance’s team of experienced gov’t. IT compliance experts, who will assist you with implementing and maintaining your defense IT compliance requirements.

What's Included

From artifact development (SSP, policies, etc.), to risk and readiness assessments, to project management, we provide defense startups and companies with the all-in-one solution that they need to achieve and maintain their compliance obligations.

CUI & Requirement Scoping

Expert-led scoping. Our experts work with you to identify your FCI and CUI data and scope your environment and requirements to align with your business objectives.

Defense Readiness Assessments

Know where you stand. Our trained assessors conduct annual readiness assessments, enabling you to be continuously compliant with defense frameworks and DFARS.

Artifact Development

Our experienced team of defense IT compliance experts will develop and maintain your compliance artifacts (SSP, policies, etc.), saving you significant time and money.

Continuous Compliance

Throughout your compliance journey, our team of experts provides continuous compliance support and governance. Enabling you to maintain your compliance objectives.

CMMC Assessment Support

Be prepared. Our team of CMMC-trained assessors will review your evidence to identify compliance gaps and to ensure it meets assessors' requirements.

Dedicated Compliance Experts

Experienced compliance experts on your side. Kraken provides dedicated, seasoned compliance experts to support you throughout your compliance journey.

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